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Easy access to Lincolnshire & Yorkshire driveways is essential, so having a dropped kerb installed can make an enormous to your property.

Dropped kerbs allow vehicles to cross the pavement and access the property without causing any damage to the vehicle or kerb.

How do we install dropped kerbs?

We'll arrange a visit to your property to take measurements and photograph the area around the kerb. There are a number of factors that require assessment in order to incorporate dropped kerb, including public utility services and whether the property is on a main road.

We will work in conjunction with the local authority, when applying for planning permission and installing the dropped kerb. This ensures your new dropped kerb installation complies with all necessary regulations.

We also aim to cause the minimum amount of disruption to neighbouring properties and local environment.

How much is a dropped kerb?

Dropped kerb installation prices will vary depending on the length and width of the pavement needed to be dropped. If you're considering a dropped kerb for your property and would like to receive a free quote, click here.

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